How to Plan the Best Day Date


Day dates for dances are honestly the worst to plan for. There is always one person in the group who doesn’t want to do anything that everyone else wants to do, there are always money issues, and groups always end up getting too big which leads to the group splitting. All in all, day dates are rough. Especially if you live around here, it is hard to find something to do that is new and fresh. People tend to repeat dates or do something basic, but if there was a list of ideas or an example of fun activities, then day dates would be easier to plan.

Several students that attend Westlake High School, and have gone on day dates as well as planned them were asked for advice and ideas they may have for others.

Lauren Smith, Saige Keele, and Jaden Carver discussed  their experience in day dates. Some of the recurring comments were, make sure you have a fun outgoing group, make sure everyone agrees and likes the plan, and don’t be awkward or shy; just have fun and be yourself.

Choosing a fun group is essential.

Before you ask someone to be your date, make sure they will get along with the rest of your group. If there is someone in your group that hates or doesn’t get along with your date, it will make it harder for everyone to be themselves and have an enjoyable time. Choosing your group wisely will make the whole day better and help everyone feel more comfortable.

While talking with Lauren Smith she stated, “Being with fun people that make me laugh and who I feel comfortable with makes the whole day better.” This is true! Get out of your comfort zone and learn more about your date and the people in your group. This will improve relationships and make the whole day feel less stressful and more laid back.

Make sure to have an open mind to everything.

Making the plan for the date is often the hardest part about dances. It has to be fun for everyone, affordable, and doable. There is often one person who doesn’t like the idea which can be hard for everyone else because the plan has to accommodate each person. While putting ideas out there and getting ideas from other people for a day date, make sure to have an open mind to all ideas that are offered. Even if it isn’t the most appealing thing to you, find ways to make it enjoyable for you and your date.

Saige Keele says, “…do something unique… something everyone can enjoy and make sure it is chill…” It’s fun to try new things with friends and have a little adventure once in a while.

Day dates could be an easy way to find something new and interesting. It is a good place to try new things with someone that you may be interested in, or even just a friend. Make some memories with new friends! This will help make the relationships you have grow even more.

Just be yourself.

I absolutely love when day dates are laid back and there isn’t any stress about being myself. Know that if someone can’t handle the real you, they don’t deserve you. Day dates are all about having fun with your date and with others. Just be yourself.

The Huffington Post has an article about first dates, where they state, “There’s enough pressure during a first date as it is. Keep it loose. Just try to enjoy yourself. Enjoy getting to know a new person. Have fun.” These are words of wisdom. You shouldn’t be so stressed about a date that you aren’t capable of having fun. Just relax.

One of the most important things about going on date is being yourself. One of the best things about group day dates is that you aren’t alone; even if things are awkward with your date, there is always someone to talk to.

While talking to Jaden Carver he mentioned,  “…don’t be weird. Plan the date for them and their interests.” Just be yourself! Make sure that you bring out your fun side and that you are super outgoing. Don’t stress so much about it being a date and just have a good time.