It’s a Ballroom Mouse Clubhouse


Kayla Bluemel

    This past spring break the JV and Varsity Ballroom team went and danced their way down Disney Main Street. For many of our dancing thunder this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Waking up at 3 in the morning, to be at the airport by 4:30 at the latest so they could cha cha their behinds all the way to sunny Anaheim. With one free day to party, ride rides, and just have some fun before the long next days “working”  for Disney. “A truly magical experience to perform in the happiest place on earth with surrounded by my wonderful second family” says Jesse Roberts one of our Varsity members said about his experience.

The second day of the trip the dancers got up early to swarm the halls with hairspray and gel, so they look their ballroom dancing best for the performance later that night. After messing around for the first half they headed to DCA or Disney California Adventure to meet with a Disney rep. They weaved their way around BACKSTAGE Disney to warm up and mentally prepare themselves for the spotlight. “The most challenging part of the performance was definitely the quick changes. We had one song to change to the next costume, usually 3 minutes at most.” Jv  co captain Kayla Bluemel states. They had people stopping just to get a glimpse of what the music was coming at staying for the dancing. The techies were recording, and the disney rep stated she has never seen a more exciting or entertaining performance.

The final day in the park the teams headed to DCA to meet with the head of Disney’s performing Shelley Nickels. Ms. Nickels has been dancing professionally for 40 years in June. She taught the team performing hacks and how to make their dances go from a 6 to a 10. Shelley also gave the lovely dancers some helpful hints on trying out for professional gigs. To end the master class she taught the kids a small little combo from Disney’s Play parade. “10/10 would recommend” Abi lyne a first year said. Shelley gave the kids hope and courage to get out of their comfort zone, and would leave the kids feeling all warm and fuzzy. “Pixie wings and Squeezy buns”  The rest of the day was their to enjoy the final hours in the happiest place on earth.

The last day in California the team packed up their hotel room and headed to Santa Monica to relax on the beach before heading home. When the realization that the actors of the Avengers were in Disneyland…. Most of the dancers were very disappointed and decided to play football on the beach to take out their anger. After the beach the team headed to the airport and flew home to rainy Utah.