Movie Review: Captain Marvel



James Berndt A2 Journalism Movie review: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the latest entry into to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it was an interesting one. With Brie Larson playing as Captain Marvel it had great acting throughout the movie. And Nick Fury had two eyes! Can’t get better then that! She fights for the Kree Warriors that fight for the galaxy with their squad.The main reason this movie kicks off is that Captain Marvel gets captured during a fight versus the Kree’s enemy, the Skrulls. The Skrulls wanted to capture her in specific, she is “special”. Special as in she can shoot a crap ton of lasers out of her hand. It’s pretty sick honestly. How did she get those powers. That’s where you got to go watch it, the plot line takes a various amount of revealing twists that I don’t want to spoil them because it is a little complicated. Granted, a good complex plot is always welcome. Well I hope you go and watch the movie before Endgame comes out, it’ll make sense even more in the start. Bye!