PDA? I say PDnay


If you’ve ever walked through the hallways of any high school, which you probably have if you have your high school diploma, you’ve without a doubt noticed the disease-spreading teenagers smooching away their high school careers like wild dogs. I just don’t understand… do they seriously think that the other 3,000 students in the school enjoy watching them make out IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COMMONS OR HALLWAY??? They are the literal definition of a traffic jam. It’s as if they are so utterly deprived of attention that they have resorted to shoving their face into someone else’s just to get people to notice them. And in all honesty, the person they’re sharing saliva with they’ve probably only known for a matter of what, a few months? You know what, don’t get me wrong. Overall, people can choose to do whatever they want, but do they seriously have to involve the rest of us innocent high school students who are just trying to get to class? STOP MAKING YOUR BARBIE AND KEN MAKE OUT SESSIONS SO PUBLIC. Listen, if you truly want to intensely kiss in a public place go to Smith’s, go to Costco, go to freaking Mcdonald’s for heaven’s sake, JUST STOP TREATING SCHOOL LIKE A NIGHTCLUB. School is simply for an education AND NOTHING ELSE. Take a flippin’ hint people! There’s a REASON your “fellow” students are giving you and your “significant other” dirty looks and are whispering. IT’S GROSS, OKAY? I swear, to the next couple I see making out at school, I will physically approach you, personally offer to pay for your plane tickets, and send you away to Africa to live with the baboons. They’ve got big, wet lips. I’m sure they’d just love to take you in.