5 Apps to Get When Your Flight Gets Delayed



Hey these are the apps you should get when you’re stuck in the airport because of something. Man that is the worst but these apps should help you pass the time. Take a look!

1.Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic- I’m telling all of you, this game has got to be one of the best games ever to be created by anyone. OK, maybe not that, but STILL. This game is a park making game where you can build carousels and most importantly, roller coasters. They have a ridiculous amount of content in this app and this is one, if you delayed long enough, you’ll finish a park or two and enjoy it!


  1. Candy Crush- If you didn’t think this would be on the list. I don’t know, it was just going to be on the list. Candy Crush has been around for quite a few years and it just keeps it’s addictive drive to get those candies together. Man you could be there for hours and not even knew how the time flied! (hey pun, flied pretty good huh?)


  1. Pokemon Go- At airports the pokestops are literally everywhere in Pokemon Go. So while you wait for stupid flight for another 5 hours, you can go walking around looking for some Pokemon and get your 10,000 steps in for the day. I’ve done this a few times and I find some pretty cool stuff too around the airports i’ve been too. Pretty sweet!


  1. Wordscapes- This game has a lot of the same feeling,, to Candy Crush. The same feeling of just staying there for hours upon hours and not know how it’s boarding time. Wordscapes is a game where you have 6 letters and they make a word on the word puzzle above you with a pretty looking landscape (wordscape, PUN) in the background. I just have this one on my phone in general, it’s just a really fun game!


  1. Any of the Ketchapp games- I know this isn’t just one, but it really is too hard to not to choose one. Ok I’ll choose just two. So this Ketchapp apps are just simple yet super fun games to play on your phone. Either if that’s getting all the blocks knocked out in bounce or stacking up blocks until you can’t do them anymore. I have a few of these everytime I go to to any airport, just in case.

Thanks for reading!