Book Review: Ready Player One


Ready Player One is a book written by Ernest Cline. The book starts in the year 2048, (yeah like the game,) and the world is in a state of dystopia and there is a huge energy crisis that is across the globe. It seems like no one can be happy. Well except for the OASIS the Oasis is a Virtual Reality machine like any other, it quite honestly is  teleporting you to a whole new life. Virtual Life I guess. The main character of the book is a teenager named Wade Watts. Wade got his name from his dad, his dad wanted him to have a secret identity name like the superheroes like Peter Parker, Or Clark Kent. Wade lives in the various Stack Neighborhoods in Oklahoma. Now a stack is a bunch of RV’s stacked on top of eachother. You’re probably wondering, Why would you do that? Well the energy crisis, gas is included in that department. Which means that nobody is getting gasoline for cars or RV’s unless they have a lot of money to spare, which isn’t most people. Wade lives near the middle of his stacks with his aunt, they are very close. In the stacks, Wade usually gets out of his RV and sneaks his way towards this one metal heap of cars and escapes from this garbage real life world to the OASIS. This is where it all starts and I won’t spoil the rest of the book for you. If you grew up in the 80’s, this is the perfect book for you because this book is jammed full of 80’s references, games, and quotes. I loved the book because it just had a lot of character to it. It’s also pretty funny, sad, happy. Honestly it has it all and I would recommend this book to young adults, that can handle a few crude words. Honestly other then that, that this is absolutely a good read and I would recommend and rate the book a 9/10.