Friday #1- Opinion Piece on the Pressure of Prom


Prom season has rolled around once more and Westlake’s theme this year was, “A Night to Remember.”  When people think of prom, these words will most likely come to mind: pressure, fancy, expensive, etc., but I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that. Having a good time doesn’t have to mean spending all your money.

These days boys are too scared to ask girls to prom, one of the reasons is because of all the pressure that it brings along. In high school, prom is a big deal, I believe everyone should go and experience it. However, money is an issue, we can’t expect teenagers to be rolling in money- which is why boys don’t end up asking girls to prom. Boys, tell the girl that you want to take to prom that you’re not the richest guy in the world, doing little romantic things are all we need. Set up a nice picnic in the park, tell her how beautiful she is.

Prom has been glamorized on the movies and shows that we grew up watching, it can lead some girls into thinking that it has to be this super grand event. You don’t need a limo or a $500 dress to have a good time. Ladies, loosen up on all your expectations, you might not end up going to prom with your true love, maybe you go with a really awesome group of friends- that also means you don’t have to deal with the awkward doorstep moment. You can have just as much fun in a regular car as opposed to a limo or a sports car.

Lastly, high school is all about the people that you meet and the memories that you make, so go buy a fancy outfit and go to prom with all your friends, eat McDonald’s in your nice clothes before going to the dance, and just appreciate the time you have left as a teenager.