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feature article A2 April 26

The Gameboy

The company Nintendo was founded all the way back in September 1889, producing handmade playing cards. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that it became a video game manufacturer. In 1979, Gunpei Yokoi conceived the idea of a handheld video game, while observing a fellow bullet train passenger who passed the time by messing around with a portable LCD calculator, which gave birth to the game and watch. The game and watch was a simple, portable device with a LCD screen, With over 30 different ones, each with a different mini game. It was largely popular, and later led to the development of the Gameboy

In 1988, Nintendo created the first Gameboy. It was an instant hit. People were amazed that they could take their 8 bit games on the go and play it on a single system with interchangeable cartridges. By this point, Nintendo had a competator; Sega. The thing about the Nintendo gameboy is that for color there was only green and black, so you could only play games in shades of green. Sega however, had their own portable gaming device; the sega game gear, which had a full color display. Despite being able to play games in full color, the game gear didn’t do nearly as good as the gameboy, it was too iconic. At this time, the gameboy had a variant; the gameboy pocket, a pocket version of the classic gameboy. Instead of being green and black, it was white and black, so playing games wasn’t as annoying. A few years after that, the gameboy color was released: a version of the gameboy pocket that had a full color screen. It was released in 6 different colors. In 2001, Nintendo released the gameboy advanced. People were flabbergasted. The idea of playing 16 bit snes games wherever you want, blew people away. 2 years later, what was released was arguably considered the single best handheld gaming device ever made: the gameboy advanced SP. The SP had all the great qualities of the original advance, but the SP had a clam shell design, meaning you could fold it up and put it in your pocket, making it way more mobile. The gameboy advance SP was considered the peak of the gameboy franchise.