Movie Review: Detective Pikachu


Detective Pikachu is a super fun movie to watch for everyone. Even if you have no idea who the heck all these pokemons even are, the movie is still super funny and the special effects are pretty unreal. With Ryan Reynolds playing as the detective Pikachu, I laughed so many times just because of who was actually voice acting pikachu just made me crack up. Now the main human was Justice Smith as Tim Goodman. He was such a good actor in this movie. Just an amazing actors throughout the movie. Now if you are a pokemon fan for years, this movie’s going to blow your mind with all these easter eggs and references to the past pokemon games. With the amount of pokemon in the movie it’ll blow poke-fan’s minds. Now a thing in the beginning you see this car flipped over from a bridge with no real reason why but that Mewtwo was behind that car. Mewtwo by the way is like, the strongest pokemon alive. Now the movie cuts to Tim, the main character, and his buddy as he goes back to his childhood and tries to catch a pokemon. However his friend may have set it up for him and the pokemon was a measly crying cubone. Poor guy. Now the person in that car that got blown off that bridge was Tim’s father. Tim was living in a smaller town with his grandma and when he got this news, he was asked to go to the police station to pick up his stuff to his room in the big city called Rhyme City, where humans and pokemon walked and did stuff together in unison. Pretty cool place. Now when he gets to the room, he finally meets the world class detective! Pikachu! Yeah? Now the hyper coffee addicted Pikachu isn’t able to talk to any humans, until Tim. For some reason Tim was able to actually talk to Pikachu and they started to bond pretty quickly. With the fun sport of not dying to a bunch of angry Aipoms, which are a  monkey pokemon. Fun! Now personally my favorite part in the entire movie was when we got to see Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime the, mime pokemon. Make sense. Now as they try to understand the Mr. Mime’s….Miming and Pikachu is getting them all wrong and as Tim says it once and is right. Like when Mr. Mime said to shove it. I was laughing a lot through that whole scene. Now I don’t want to tell you the middle or the rest of the movie as it gets pretty in depth. So I’ll let you see it for yourself, because I would recommend this movie for sure as it is unique and one of a kind in being the first Pokemon Live action movie. So grab a few friends and give this movie a shot!