Saturday, August 18, 2018

This Is Why We Sing

by Tegan Balls A cluster concert has been performed at Westlake every year, for over 7 years. The tradition of this concert is upheld by...

5 Reasons You Should Carpool to School

by Grace Ottesen Nothing is more annoying than waiting in an obscene amount of traffic, only to get to school and find that there are...

The Last Waltz

by Lexi Reading Dear Seniors… The time has come for you to either dread or to embrace… your very last Prom. Some of you are going...

ACT 101 from Someone Who Just Took It

by Anna Liu The Juniors at Westlake had the chance to take a free ACT on Tuesday, February 27. They arrived at the high school,...

A Perfect Prom

by Aleece Christensen Prom, just that word itself is a big deal. Prom is the biggest most important dance of the school year. Many people,...

Embracing the Suck

by Kim Hess Life sucks. It really does. Whether through death, disease, mental illnesses, physical limitations, or any other infirmity, life can be deplorable. Even...

Bryce Wakley Is Son Of Thor

Track and Field contestant, Bryce Wakley is crowned Son Of Thor on November 2nd. When asked "What is the best kind of cheese and why?...

Let’s be Superheroes: What Teenagers Can do to Change the World

Let's be real here, it takes a superhero to change the world. But superheroes in our world don't necessarily have wondrous physical capabilities, or...

Why Teen Content Matters

Why Teen Content Matters (Coming From a Teen that Feels the Massive Loss of It) With the recent release of the newest version of Spider-Man...

What Makes Us Westlake?

Dear Friends, I had no idea what to write this article about. For the past two week I had procrastinated and forgotten about writing for...

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