Thursday, April 18, 2019

“Leaf” No One Behind: Westlake Lettuce Club

Loneliness is something that a lot of high school students deal with every day. This can lead to stress, depression, and possibly suicide, but all...

How to be a real life superhero

Superheros are seen as people of fiction. These ordinary people with extraordinary talents spend their lives fighting crime and saving the day. We all...

Terry Fox: One Man’s Marathon of Hope, and How it Inspires Us Today

On June 28, 1981, a young man with a prosthetic leg passed away from cancer after running 3,339 miles across Canada. Over the course...
Girl bullied at school

Refugees in Utah

President Trump's policy on immigration has limited how many new citizens come into our country. Last year the ceiling was 50,000. This year, it...

How to get over a break up

Okay so it happened: your significant other broke up with you. Your life may feel like it is over,: not knowing what to do...

I am Enough. You are Enough. We are Enough.

I am Enough. You are Enough. We are Enough. “Something will grow from all of the things you are going through, and it will...

Student Council

Blue letterman jackets and bright smiles are an easy way to signify the revered spot of a student council member. 32 members make up...

How to help someone with anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts

I have dealt with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts since I was a little girl. It's not the easiest thing to live with, but...

Depression Awareness

Mental disorders can affect any of us at anytime. According to the World Health Organization, “One in four people in the world will be...

LGBTQ+ in 2019

LGBTQ+ in 2019 I am a 17 year old lesbian and I am openly out to my family and...

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Movie Review: Captain Marvel

  James Berndt A2 Journalism Movie review: Captain Marvel Captain Marvel is the latest entry into to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it was an interesting...

Sex Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery

          Sex trafficking is a major issue for children, teenagers, and adults across the world. According to Shared Hope International, “Sex...

5 Things To Do To Prepare For Finals

5 Things To Do To Prepare For Finals   1- Study Study the topics that you don’t fully understand. Especially in the classes that you don’t have...

“Us” Movie Opinion Piece

“Us” Movie Opinion Piece The movie “Us” is about a family that is being attacked by another family that looks just like them. In my...