Monday, September 21, 2020

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Bullies have always been a problem. What’s even worse is when you build up all your courage to finally tell a teacher or school...

Movie MORP 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year. MORP is coming around the corner, and it’s coming fast! It’s the last dance of the...

Stop Waiting to be Happy

Stop Waiting to be Happy. Your Life is Right Now. “Being hurt is something you cannot always stop from happening; but choosing to be miserable...

Mental Health- Kaitlyn Hardy

Kaitlyn Hardy Mental Health; Talking to Yourself   “Healing isn’t about changing who you are, it’s about changing your relationship to who you are. A fundamental...

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Do Senior Pictures

  5 Things You Need To Know Before You Do Senior Pictures Seniors, have you gotten your senior pictures yet? Don’t fear if you haven't. You...

“Leaf” No One Behind: Westlake Lettuce Club

Loneliness is something that a lot of high school students deal with every day. This can lead to stress, depression, and possibly suicide, but all...

How to be a real life superhero

Superheros are seen as people of fiction. These ordinary people with extraordinary talents spend their lives fighting crime and saving the day. We all...

Terry Fox: One Man’s Marathon of Hope, and How it Inspires Us Today

On June 28, 1981, a young man with a prosthetic leg passed away from cancer after running 3,339 miles across Canada. Over the course...
Girl bullied at school

Refugees in Utah

President Trump's policy on immigration has limited how many new citizens come into our country. Last year the ceiling was 50,000. This year, it...

How to get over a break up

Okay so it happened: your significant other broke up with you. Your life may feel like it is over,: not knowing what to do...

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