Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Movie Review: Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu is a super fun movie to watch for everyone. Even if you have no idea who the heck all these pokemons even...

Music and Language

Before we begin, I have a question for you. What languages do you speak? There are many languages all around the world, Chinese, Spanish,...

Westlake O.U.R. Club 5k Run

The Westlake O.U.R. Club is holding their first annual 5k Run to raise awareness of human trafficking and to raise funds for Operation Underground...

Download the SafeUT App Today

Bullies have always been a problem. What’s even worse is when you build up all your courage to finally tell a teacher or school...

The Problem With the “Strong Female Character”

With the rise of the feminist movement, Hollywood has created a new mission statement; more female characters. Every producer and studio executive wants a...

Movie MORP 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year. MORP is coming around the corner, and it’s coming fast! It’s the last dance of the...

Shazam! Movie Review

by Elijah Varner With the movie market significantly increasing in size, studios have to try new things in order to up the stakes. This, in...

The Internet – Underrated or Undeserving?

For the past few years, rap and hip hop have dominated the music scene. The era of EDM and positive/upbeat pop were killed with...

How to Plan the Best Day Date

Day dates for dances are honestly the worst to plan for. There is always one person in the group who doesn’t want to do...

It’s a Ballroom Mouse Clubhouse

Kayla Bluemel     This past spring break the JV and Varsity Ballroom team went and danced their way down Disney Main Street. For many of...

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