Sunday, September 23, 2018

How I Conquered a Mental Illness, and How You Can Too

When I first had an anxiety attack, I was in seventh grade, outside of the school, and in my mom's car. I had a...

Let’s be Superheroes: What Teenagers Can do to Change the World

Let's be real here, it takes a superhero to change the world. But superheroes in our world don't necessarily have wondrous physical capabilities, or...

Westlakers Finding Their Happy Place

by Eliza Powell Every day teenagers around the world are forced to work, learn, and socialize with others in an oppressive environment. School is a...

Q: How do I deal with depression?

A: I am sorry you are dealing with this right now, and honestly, the way to deal with depression is different for everyone. Depression is...

The Benefits of Being Bendy

by Jaden Taylor Have you ever had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? The blankets often seem cozy, and you may...

Another One Bites the Crust: A guide to a healthier diet

by Natalie Bushman In today’s world, everyone is telling us to be better. And to have a "better" body. There are always ads that tell...

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Westlake Parking: Solutions On The Way

By Hailey Hunt Any student at Westlake could tell you that there is a serious problem with the parking at Westlake. With the jaw dropping...