Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Movie Review: I Feel Pretty

By Ashley Marble Who are you? The answers may come as a steady flow, an immediate rush, or an answer trickling in every few minutes. However...

Better Than The Rep

by Stephen James ALPINE SCHOOL DISTRICT— A quick trip around the Alpine School District can teach you a lot. With a whooping number of students...

What Exactly is Peer Pressure?

by Lexi Reading Have you ever been peer pressured? The definition of peer pressure is “influence from members of one's peer group”. Being pressured to...

5 Reasons You Should Carpool to School

by Grace Ottesen Nothing is more annoying than waiting in an obscene amount of traffic, only to get to school and find that there are...

ACT 101 from Someone Who Just Took It

by Anna Liu The Juniors at Westlake had the chance to take a free ACT on Tuesday, February 27. They arrived at the high school,...

A Perfect Prom

by Aleece Christensen Prom, just that word itself is a big deal. Prom is the biggest most important dance of the school year. Many people,...

How to Stand Out in a Crowd of 3,300 Students

  by Lexi Reading Anyone can fake being part of a crowd, but not everyone actually has it. Students often feel like they aren’t noticed or...

5 Ways To Make An Annoying Bus Ride Worth Your While

by Ian Larsen Ugh, taking the bus to school can be such a pain, right? It’s crowded, there’s annoying people all around, and nothing can...

Let’s be Superheroes: What Teenagers Can do to Change the World

Let's be real here, it takes a superhero to change the world. But superheroes in our world don't necessarily have wondrous physical capabilities, or...

Riverdale Revelations: 3 Fresh Theories

Spoilers for Riverdale Season One, and Season Two, so far! You’ve been warned!   The CW show, Riverdale, has been spinning many webs in the minds...

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The Gay-Straight Alliance, or GSA, is a club at Westlake. Its main goal is to foster friendly conversation between members of the LGBT community...

National Honors Society

Did you know that Westlake High school has clubs that you can join and be a part of? One club that you can join...