Saturday, August 24, 2019

Under Pressure

By Hannah Nearman Time is running out. Soon it will all be over. Completion is required. Material is not understood. Think. Think. Questions unanswered. Two minutes left. Enter. Check. Wrong. Try again. It...

Time: A Poem

Katie Whittier   I often wonder why the verdant green of spring Transforms into the rich auburn of autumn Before gradually blanching into the dark, winter world, Or why...


by Julia Collier   Bright, brilliant light, glowing, shining and glinting I watched your eyes. Glad they were free from cries. You used to worry so often I was scared...

Because we’re content to watch “Teletubbies”: A Humor Essay

By Spencer Boren I’m sitting on the couch watching the television. The remote is just out of arm’s reach. What’s on is certifiable crap. But...


by M. Woodhouse   I have the absolute worst life. Don’t even think of telling me that Tender mercies are present every day. If you take a closer look Loss...

Compliments in the Hall

  A simple compliment was all it took to turn senior Sidney's day around. Sidney was walking to her Biology class with her friend Maddy...

Celebrity Troubles

by Elora Lyman Click. Flash. Scream. Click. Flash. Scream. It repeats over and over, again and again. It happens everyday no matter where they go, or...

Dance: A Poem

by Sara Fike   Everyone holds the tools in their life to create something beautiful. A paintbrush on canvas, A pencil on paper, Or, perhaps, a bow on strings. My...

Cooking Time

Cooking has never been my strong suit. Throw me in a den of lions, fine. Make me do five hours of math homework, whoop-de-doo....

The Music Scene’s Got Me Down: An Interview With Westlake’s Premier Record Producer

Deep in the heart of Saratoga Springs lies an individual who's taken independent recording into his own hands. Co-owning and operating Room 8 Studios (named...

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