Saturday, August 24, 2019

“The Awareness of the Chasm”: Dealing With Dual Personalities

by Mikki Rey 6th grade: the days where there wasn’t a care in the world (or so we thought). I was given a chance to...

Activated Personalities: A System of the Past

by Mikki Rey Activated personalities are a thing of the past and encouraged for the future.  Activated personalities involve having a passion and using all...

The Music Scene’s Got Me Down: An Interview With Westlake’s Premier Record Producer

Deep in the heart of Saratoga Springs lies an individual who's taken independent recording into his own hands. Co-owning and operating Room 8 Studios (named...

Time: A Poem

Katie Whittier   I often wonder why the verdant green of spring Transforms into the rich auburn of autumn Before gradually blanching into the dark, winter world, Or why...

Christmastime is Joy

by Drew Conger   smiles are most common, laughter pervades sweet silence. christmastime is joy.   dancing through snowfall, smiles sprinkled by snowflakes, bright eyes and cold...

Dance: A Poem

by Sara Fike   Everyone holds the tools in their life to create something beautiful. A paintbrush on canvas, A pencil on paper, Or, perhaps, a bow on strings. My...


by M. Woodhouse   I have the absolute worst life. Don’t even think of telling me that Tender mercies are present every day. If you take a closer look Loss...


by Julia Collier   Bright, brilliant light, glowing, shining and glinting I watched your eyes. Glad they were free from cries. You used to worry so often I was scared...

Under Pressure

By Hannah Nearman Time is running out. Soon it will all be over. Completion is required. Material is not understood. Think. Think. Questions unanswered. Two minutes left. Enter. Check. Wrong. Try again. It...

Why I Write

By Kaitlin Gray One may write to free the soul; to live in an alternate universe for a moment, creating worlds without care; where anything...

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