Sunday, September 23, 2018

Beauty and the Beast Movie Review

If you loved the original Beauty and the Beast movie, this movie is perfect for you. The live action version of Beauty and the...

“A United Kingdom” Movie Review

By Hayden Manning A United Kingdom is set in the late 1940’s, when racial segregation was still in effect. The story begins in London, England; revolving...

The Effects of Technology on Society

Anonymous The world continues to rush onward progressing in Science and Technology. Is this a good thing? Most people would say yes, and originally I...

Do’s and Don’ts of Having an Awesome Twitter

by Evy Fewkes Step 0: The Basics Before any other steps can be comprehended, you must first understand the two basic principles and ordinances of Twitter. They...

Hypocrisy in Our School System: A Chronic Complaint Essay

by Breanna Monson Why is hypocrisy becoming more and more accepted? We see it in our everyday lives and conversations, but now, we see it...

About A Short Film: Shelter

by Lauren Allred It's a universal mystery and wonder that the world continues to rotate despite the star rattling creations of remarkable people.  Shelter is...

Moana Movie Review

by Kelsey Lamb If you have not seen Disney's "Moana", I don't know where you have been for the last month. The hype for this...

Movie of the Week – Arrival

By Schuyler Hyde   When you think of Sci-Fi films, the popular tropes of the genre might come to mind, such as aliens with bulbous heads,...

Meet Your Music Journalist – Braden Dose’s List of Top 25 Favorite Albums

If you haven't read my "Which Decade Has The Best Music" thing yet, go for it. It's great. Anyways my name is Braden Dose and...

Which Decade Really Had The Best Music?

Braden Dose, 2016 It's an age old question- what decade had the best music? Rock ballad enthusiasts would probably say the 70s or 80s; jazz...

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Westlake Parking: Solutions On The Way

By Hailey Hunt Any student at Westlake could tell you that there is a serious problem with the parking at Westlake. With the jaw dropping...