Monday, March 25, 2019

Tart Talk with Thomas

Just a couple of people chewing on a couple of tarts. What conversations happen when you're eating a good tart? Tart Talk Part one!! Think...

The Monumental Millenials

Jacob Robbins and Aubrie Robinson are setting out to bring you the best quality, and most interesting News Stories, Commercial's, and Promos in the...

10 Minute Storm

  Numero Uno of the Ten Minute Storm! Watch as my lovely partners (Darryan and Robbie) Steal the show ;) ;) Our first attempt at...

The Cole Whiffen Show

Thunder Radio presents: Cole Whiffen's Radio Talk Show I'll be covering all Westlake Thunder Sports, as well as some events from the professional world of sports The...

Friday Night Lightning

Thunder Radio Presents: Friday Night Lightning with: Aubrie Robinson!

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  Captain Marvel   This movie was given a 79% by Rotten Tomatoes. Now people are saying that Brie Larson, the actress of Carol Danvers,...

HOSA: The Future of Healthcare is at Westlake

Westlake High School has many clubs that cater to different interests and hobbies that anyone can enjoy  and use to decorate their college applications....

Movie opinion

  Movie Opinion       Captain Marvel was a high anticipated movie with a huge Marvel fanbase. I saw the movie 2 days after...

What SkillsUSA actually is

Robby Calandrelli's definition of SkillsUSA is, "A nationally organized club that helps students find and work on skills they can use in the workplace...